Bronze Me Up Tans
Custom Airbrushed Spray Tans
Preparation is crucial when preparing for your tanning session.  Please read the instructions below
  • Exfoliate 8- 24 hours prior to your tanning session. Make sure all dead skin cells or old spray tans are scrubed off. This will help with your tans evenness and the longevity of your tan.  Do not use Dove soap or razors with a moisruizing strip and make sure any body scrubs are oil free

  • No lotion, deordorant, perfume or makeup on when coming to your tanning session.  These can act as a barrier and not let the solution properly adhere to your skin

  • Have all spa services done before being sprayed.  Nails, waxing, massages 

  • Attire- whatever you are comfortable wearing or not wearing.  Be mindful tan lines will show.  We require all men wear underwear or bathing suit, thank you for your understanding

  • Bring loose fitting dark clothing to wear after your tanning session

  • Bring flip flops or loose fitting shoes for after your tanning session.  Do not wear tight socks

  • Towel to protect the seat of your car from cosmetic bronzer for the ride home

  • Umbrella or protective outter gear.  You do not want your skin to get wet after your tanning session

  • We carry hair caps, deposible thongs, single use exfoliating mitts , eye guards, nose filters and petrolium jelly to protect your lips.  We also sell after care products and tan safe soap.  Please don't stress if you forgot a prep step, we will work with you.  We want to make your experience stress free and will educate you to help you achieve a flawless tan and help you maintain it.

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