Bronze Me Up Tans
Custom Airbrushed Spray Tans

Frequently Asked Questions

 Are Spray Tans Safe?

Sunless tanners have been around for over 30 years.  The FDA has approved the sunless solution chemical DHA ( the main ingredient in all spray tans and self tanners) and has declared it as suitable for external use on skin.  You should avoid getting the solution in your eyes, mouth or nose.  We provide ways to make sure this does not happen.  If pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant we'll always recommend consulting your doctor beforehand.

How Long Will It Last? 

Most spray tans last roughly 5-10 days.  Many factors can shorten or extend that period.  Some factors can be how well you prepare and exfoliate your skin , how well you follow the after care instructions, keeping hydrated, medications you're on, and hormones fluctuating can be a few.  We also sell tan extending products that can combat some of these issues and can help prolong the longevity of your tan.

How Far Before An Event Should I Get Sprayed?

It's best to get sprayed two days before an event such as a wedding.  This allows you to get two rinses in to make sure all cosmetic bronzer is fully off and will not transfer to your dress.  But for a vacation or any event you want to maintain your tan for days we recommend one day before.

Am I Protected From the Sun?

No, Spray tan solutions have no form of sunblock in them.  If you will be out in the sun please use a cream based waterproof sunscreen.  Do not use oil based, this can deteriorate your spray tan.  You will still tan or burn while wearing your airbrushed glow so please protect your skin.

How Should I Prepare for My Spray Tan?

Please read our preparation page, it will give you all you need to know,

What Is The Difference Between A Traditional Spray Tan and A Rapid Spray Tan?

The biggest difference is when you rinse the solution off.  A Rapid Tan has a rinse time of 1-5 hours, while a Traditional Tan has a minuim rinse time of 10-12 hours.  

How long before you rinse off a Rapid Tan will dictate your color level.

1-2 hours light
3-4 hours meduim
5 plus dark

Both Tans take 12-24 hours for your color to be fully be developed.  

Clients often choose a rapid tan as a form of convenience.  Quicker rinse time allows them not to worry about rubbing the bronzer off on furniture or bedding and allowing them to go out and get on with their lives without the constant worry they are ruining their tans before it developes.  Perfect for breast feeding Moms!

Is There Anything I shouldn't Use On My Skin During The Duration Of My Tan?

Avoid scented lotions, products with mineral oil, perfumes (spray your clothes, not your skin) astringents and cleaning solutions with acid or peroxide.  These products can wear away your tan more quickly.

What Can I Do To Make My Tan Last Longer?

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!!  Natural, fragrance free lotions are the best.  Limit shaving and scrubing your skin, which can exfoliate your tan prematurely.  Pat dry when getting out of a shower and stay away from hot tubs and pools and use tan extending products.

Can The Spray Tan Solution Stain My Clothes?

The solution will wash off your skin after your first post tan shower.  But until then the bronzer added to the solution may stain some fabrics ( for example, nylon, silk, wool and polyester).  However usually a good soaking in water will usually lift any color from the fabric.  Most fabrics are usually completely safe from staining after your first shower.